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What is Internet Marketing ?

_________________________________________________________________________ - Internet Success Simplified... helps to start online businesses or help companies to grow by
using the best of the best practices and optimum Internet Marketing & Web Development
strategies to create exposure, leads, and ultimately income online.

We do not guarantee leads or sales...
However.... We guarantee that we can improve your Image and Positioning and that
you GET FOUND LOCALLY ONLINE. And if you can not get found online then you will never take the
essential first step of capturing a lead or making a sale. Though we do not guarantee
sales (because sales are largely a result of your website performance ...not marketing...
and or your internal method of closing sales neither of which Internet Marketing controls)

What we can control is guaranteeing that you can get found online and that you have
optimum exposure for the best value online or with any other marketing program.



With over 100,000,000 websites and 200,000,000 Blogs online today and with 90% of all
US citizens using the Internet as a window to the world how do you get found online....

1. You can NOT achieve Image, Branding, or even Exposure - You Can NOT build image and engage your
    community if you are not found online ...

2. You Can NOT get prospects/leads if you are not found online ...

3. You Can NEVER  make sales from Internet sources if you are not found online ...



LAST YEAR 100 Million Websites competiting with yours

There are 2 Billion Searches made daily on Google.

Doing SEO yourself can cause....

#1 You can get in Google but on page 15 (Stuck there if you do it WRONG)

#2 You wont appear on page 1 you could also get black listed with SE
     Penalities, filters, and bans that can cripple your business online (FOREVER)

#3 Your competition will do it write and be exclusive (FOREVER) SEO Experts have had over 16 years experience to
help you achieve top rankings.

See Google Page 1 Results Here (Many other examples are available)



90% of all websites or information found online is through specific keyword searches
in  the major Search Engines including Google, MSN, Yahoo,, and AOL

WHY GOOGLE..... who uses Google?

64% of all People on the Internet  use Google

People who Shop locally, About 70% Search Google  first before they will buy a local business

However, with over 100,000,000 websites online you have to be found in the first pages of
Google in order for people to find you

So not only is it critical to be found in Google but it is critical to be found in the first few pages
of Google. specializes in performing SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
AND (dont miss this) additional Internet Marketing services to get your business or website
found on the first page of Google. One of primary services to achieve that
for a local business online is our service known as Local Internet Advertising Campaigns using
FREE ads to acheive organic search optimization....

(now you may be saying what in the world does that simply means this.... ORGANIC = Free
positions you dont have to pay Google to sponsor a position for you. We get paid to place you there
but then you do not have an ongoing additional fee from Google)



Online IM GURU ...
"What is the fastest best way to get an online presents for DIRT CHEAP ?


Very rare but the best things in life are free....

Its a gift but it takes a specific knowledge and skill and time & You can do permanant damage if done incorrectly. Specializes in Free Online Local Listings. The Ads, Directories, and Press Release
services we place ads with are all free. However, there is a charge for our service of writing the ads, making
sure the search engines find them, posting the ads, renewing the ads, and reporting the results to the client.


1. Building a Premium Web Presence that is SEO and SMO smart. There are now over
    300,000,000 thats 300 Million websites and blogs online. If your website or blog or
    social network page is SEO smart and networked in the social media properly then
    you can be found online and have the advantage to achieve your Internet Marketing objectives.

2. SEO = Search Engine Optimization - Determing and promoting with the most optimum Keywords
phrases that people use to search the Search Engines to potentially find your business products
or services.   

For example....if you Go to Google Type in Keywords  - "Atlanta Art Shows"  - See Results Here

Our client site is #1 out of millions of listings because is expert
in SEO or Search Engine Optimization of Websites, Blogs, Advertising, Press Releases, and
Social Marketing for your business online.

3. Get Found Locally Online - Just chosing any Keyword is not enough, you must determine the best "Local" geo-targeted
keyword search phrases for your particular local business. The best way to build links legitimately and
get additional exposure beyond the search engine rankings that NVM will acheive for you is to also
gain the additional impact of the FREE Classified Ad sites, Directories, and Map sites that where we place
your website link.  

For example -                                   
Go to Google Type in the Keywords -  "Roof Repair Stockbridge Ga"

Our client sites dominate their local competitors in geo-targeted search engine terms.

4. Buying Keyword Phrases in Google called ADWORDS

5. Creating Buzz, Establishing Brand through Public Relations, Article, and Content  distribution  - 
    Targeting Georgraphic Local Areas if needed.

6. SMO -Social Media Marketing - Positioning and Optimization of your company in the
   Web 2.0 Platform called Social Networks Marketing -  utilzing Blogs, Wikis, Social Networks,
   Twitter, & Viral Marketing & Videos

7. Measuring Results - NVM will report to you the results of each campaign and measure results
   you need to see a definitive ROI. 


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