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What do we do best ?

Internet Success Simplfied . . .

What does that mean exactly ?... our core competency is helping you to succeed online
with minimum effort and investment on your part.  Taking our 16 years of Internet Experience
and 15 years prior offline Business develomnent and marketing expertise and utilizing it to
create a truly unique Internet marketing model that will set you apart and make a difference in
your overall marketing strategies. 

  •  Internet Marketing Plans

     Net Ventures Marketing develops & writes Internet Marketing Plans that include
     new Business Models, Unique Startegy Creation, and Financial Feasiblity
     of Internet Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations, and Social Marketing Campaigns
     to Start, Grow, or Fund your online projects or ventures.

  • SEO  (Search Engine Optimization) 

     Setting Up SEO Content and Coding in Your Website
     to enable your Website to be found on page 1 of Google (and other search engines) 

    Get found in Search Engines like Google, MSN (now, Yahoo, AOL, and
    Using  Search Engine Optimization - Special code in your website, getting you found online in
    search engines with target key search words, keyword phrases with FREE Advertising and 
    Public Relations campaigns.

    * Please note we can build a website or a Web Marketing site for you however we can work with your
      existing site as well to place special code and features that make it Search Engine Optimized so that
      the search engines mentioned here will find your site more easily.

  • LOCAL Internet Advertising and Public Relations Campaigns ... Help You Get Found Locally Online ...

     Get found locally online. Getting your local business found online to stand out from your competitors and thousands of
      other local businesses.   NVM post your Website Listing with a Description and Website Link/URL
      in Free Classified Ads, Directory Listings, and Press Release sites. We recommend a minimum
      of 16 - 20 Ads or Listings to be found in Google consistently. has list of hundreds of FREE sites to list your website. The Ads
      and listings are no charge ever, but we do charge to set up your Website SEO and Post the Ads and
      renew the ads.  

               Example of Successful Results - AFTER Ad Campaign or PR Campaign  Google Page 1 Results

  • Internet Ventures Business Development

    - helps you start an Internet Business or grow your Internet venture or increase income online

    -  If you have a new business or project to start up online or you want to grow an exisiting venture and need
       Web Design and Develoment, Web Programming, Internet Marketing Plans, Internet Marketing Campaigns,
       Ventures Project Management, Venture Capital Campaign, Branding,  Sales and Lead Generation.


    1. LOCAL INTERNET REACH - Any Market USA - 
        Local Internet Advertising, Public Relations, & Social Marketing Campaigns

    2. SEO - WORLD or WEB WIDE REACH - Internet Marketing National USA
         For National Corporate Accounts -
         Internet Ads, PR/Article/Blogs/Website- Content, General Internet Marketing
         there are dozen of critical ways to market a business online like ... compliant link building,
         Internet Advertising, Public Relations, social media optimization and marketing campaigns.

        A. Press Release writing and search engine optimization
            B. Press Release distribution online

          WEB 2.0 -
          Create Blogs, Wikis, Twitter, Social Networks - Facebook, Myspace, YouTube,
          Friends Content Distribution  - Viral Video Production and Distribution Online.


          Internet Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations, and Social Marketing Campaigns....

    7. FUTURE PLANS IN DEVELOPMENT   (email to inquire about involvement)  


     Email us if you have interest in affiliation with or becoming a strategic partner in these Web Business Developments
     that may include the following services or applications -

    • Online Internet Marketing Training
    • Online Lead Generation Systems
    • Online Internet Marketing Resouces Vault - Over 100k Resources Updated constantly.
    • Online Business Networking, Intranet, Social Networking System, and Business Center


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