Social Media Marketing Online Campaigns
There has never been a more powerful potential in the history of business marketing than to expand
your business opportunities as there is now through Social Media Marketing on the Internet.

7 Steps to a Internet Social Media Campaign & Business Opportunities through Social Networking Online

1. CHOOSE THE BEST - NVM Selects the best of the best  Social Media and Social Networks online that would be a right fit for your business.

2. LAUNCH - NVM  special email accounts, register or open new accounts, and get approvals for you on selected Social Media Sites.
    Business approvals are sometimes slightly more complex than personal involvement on Social sites

3. CREATE/BUILD -  Create buzz and  establish your brand. NVM writes a Social Media Marketing Plan with unique strategies, the
    technology or applications needed, Media Resources to reach your optimum target audience,
    with the right message that is SEO and SMO smart... NVM can create and promote business Blogs, Wikis, Facebook pages, 
    Myspace, and other network site pages, Twitter Accounts, and more.

4. INTERACT - The PULL - NVM shows you how to get involved, interact, and invite your friends, business associates, prospects, clients to
    network online, giving you unprecendented opportunity for exposure, new connecitons, and expansion all at minimum cost with
    maximum benefits.  

5. PROMOTE - The PUSH - NVM promote your business, websites, or Social Sites, with Free Ad postings, Press Releases,
    blog post, links, listings, and distributes your Social Network pages all over the Internet. NVM can also create, produce,
    and distribute your business and corporate videos in the best of the best Video Network sites and through
    Internet Video distribution channels.

6. MEASURE - NVM reports on progress, links, memberships, and SEO results of your campaigns.

7. MAINTAIN - Continue to build there are over 300 Social Networks and Media sites now... including these ...

Top Social Media Sites . . .
Ask us how we can distribute your messages, website link, listings, advertising, or
videos in  Social Media and Social Media Networks like Facebook, MySpaces,
Friends, Twitter, Digg,, and hundreds of Social Media sites and networks.

Business Benefits of Internet Social Media Marketing . . .

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